Friday, January 11, 2013

Sometimes I get teary-eyed!

Do your children ever make you cry? I don't mean that in a bad way, I mean do they ever make you so overwhelmed that tears just fill your eyes & leak out?

I had that happen on the drive to school this morning. We have a Dodge Durango, so all 3 boys are on a bench seat together. We have a 6 disk changer CD player with slots 3,4,5 and 6 filled with permanent selections. There are 3 CDs of silly kids songs I got as a shower gift 6 years ago and the Classic Grease Soundtrack. We don't listen to the CDs all that often, maybe only once a week or so. I tend to keep the radio on KLOVE and we do a lot of talking and word games. Most mornings I like the boys to take in the beauty of nature and chit chat with me.

But, my boys LOVE some of the songs from Grease. Let's be real, doesn't everyone love the songs from Grease. (Just a heads up, there are a lot of songs that are inappropriate for children on the Grease Soundtrack, so be careful.) Our favorite is "The Hound Dog," followed by "The Hand Jive" and lastly "The Silly Song" aka "We go together". So, we crank these up. Sometimes full blast! Our drive is mostly country roads, so we are pretty well alone for most of the drive. I do turn the music down to a descent level as we enter town! ;)

This morning was one of those mornings. Everyone was buckled in and we were on our way out of town when Carson asked for The Hound Dog. So I found the song and turned it up. I get a little silly when we turn the music up, and true to my nature, I started some serious hand movements. I often wonder what the car behind me is thinking, but I really don't care. It helps the boys get silly and when I glanced in the review mirror, what I saw took my breath away and made my eyes tear up. All 3 boys with serious smiles were jammin' away! Singing to each another & laughing with each other!

Don't get me wrong, I don't care if they love the movie Grease when they are grown and I don't care if they still love the soundtrack. I love that they will remember when we drove to school in those early years that their mom would turn the music on full blast, clap, sing and act silly with them. I remember my dad doing the same thing with us when we were little. I wonder if we ever took his breath away. My theory is a fun memory stacked on a fun memory will create a happy, fun-filled life! Just what I have and what I want for my boys!

So, what do you do to create those fun memories?

Monday, January 7, 2013

The ABCs of Year 1 ~ Baby book #2

"You have craft ADD!" 

This was a comment from my husband several weeks ago. I really couldn't take offense to it, as it's true. :) You know what else, I don't care! I have stacks of half finished crafts all over the place but, honestly, what serious crafter doesn't? I finish things now and then, but not on a real regular basis.

So, I wanted to brag about the fact that I have finished the middle's baby book. I gave it to him back in October. It was on his 4th birthday, so really, I am only about 3 years late. (I finally added the last photo when I printed out our Christmas cards, because somehow I missed getting 1 printed in October). But you know the saying "Better late than never". I figure when he is 10 or 20 or even 30 showing his own little ones, he won't remember that it took me so long. He loves it already, and already the little guy is wondering when his is going to be done - I have until December before he turns 4, but I make no promises!

Anyhow, without further ado... The ABC's of Year 1


(& yes, I realize it has been since last October since I posted in my blog....)