Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Details of the Fuzzibunz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper

Since the announcment of the Buy 5 Get 1 Free Fuzzibunz Sale earlier this week, lots of questions have been coming our way about the Fuzzibunz One Size Cloth Diaper. I thought I would try to lay out all of the details to help unravel the mystery of Fuzzibunz One Size.

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I think the first thing that confuses everyone is the snaps on the front (or the lack of). Unlike other one-size cloth diapers, Fuzzibunz does not use a snap-up system on the front of the diaper. They have created a unique way of adjusting the cloth diaper by changing the length of the elastic on the legs and back. Although there are guidelines for the weight of the baby, it generally takes some adjusting to get the perfect fit on your baby. Once you figure out that fit, you won't have to change it until baby gains several pounds. Each diaper comes with a replacement set of elastic, and it literally takes 5 minutes to change out if your first set of elastic gets to warn.

The next difference that throws people off is the hip snap. This allows the diaper to be snapped more (or less) snuggly at the leg hole. Got a baby with chicken legs, or one whose thighs could rival the fat lady? This diaper is perfect for you. The snaps on these diapers are super durable. Sometimes it takes me a few tries to get the snaps on other diapers lined up when my little guy is moving all around. Not true with the Fuzzibunz. I do have one of those chicken legged babies, so I do have a little trouble getting the hip snapped now and then since it is closer to the middle. I do however love the snug fit on his legs.

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So, they look a little different and they fit a little different. They also feel a little different. The Fuzzibunz One Size Pocket Diaper had got to be one of the softest fabrics I have ever felt. I am thinking maybe I need a blanket made out of this stuff. The pocket liner (the part that touches your baby) is made entirely of Polar Fleece. It is sooooo soft! Even the leg elastic is covered by the fleece, so no red marks on baby's legs. The fleece is also a stay dry material. I sometimes have to check the inserts to be sure they are not wet. No kidding - it feels that dry. Which also means baby feels that dry. Another great thing about polar fleece is that dirties do not stick. If you hold your diaper over the toilet, the solid will fall right off. No need to rince, swirl, dip or spray! The off color of a poo comes right off in the washer.

Absorbancy is great with this cloth diaper. They come with both a small and large insert. Because they are so snug and so dry feeling, I love to use them at night. I put both inserts in at night to make sure my little one makes it through the night. I only have leak issues when I don't get the top fleece edge tucked in. That is probably my one complaint with the Fuzzibunz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper. The pocket opens all the way at the top of the back and I am not always careful enough to make sure the extra fleece is not sticking out. But, because of this design, I can sometimes remove the inserts without having to touch them.

So, there you have it. We really like our Fuzzibunz!

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