Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Pool & Swim Diapers

OK, Where did spring go? We are flip-flopping between 50 & 80! But, I am debating getting out our little pool for the hot days! My boys LOVE the pool. With pool weather, comes swim suits. I don't know about you, but I HATE disposable swim diapers. Even when I was a disposable mama, I hated swim diapers. They get all wet & droopy, and they have got to be one of the hardest things to put on a baby. So, when I started using a snap-on cloth swim diaper, I was in love with the benefits. Our 2 favorites are the Bummis Swimmi & the Apple Cheeks Swim Diaper. Let me also recommend the Summer Swim Set which includes a Wet/Dry bag and matching Changing Pad, and the Planet Wise Swim Bag which is a life saver at the pool!

First of all, let's discuss what a swim diaper is for. It is not to absorb urine or bowel movements the way a regular diaper does. This would weight your baby down in a pool full of water, creating a very unsafe situation. The only purpose is to keep the BMs contained long enough to remove your child from the water and change the diaper. I know, kind of gross, try not to focus on this part. Surfice it to say, cloth swim diapers are equal to disposable diapers with the task at hand.

Now, let me tell you the benefits of the cloth verison:
  1. Money Savings. Aren't we all looking for ways to save money without doing less? Here you have it. A cloth swim diaper which will last 1-2 summers depending on the size of your child costs between $12.75-18.99. A pack of 9-11 disposable swim diapers is $11.99. Think about how many you use, especially on vacation when you use 3 or 4 in one day.
  2. Less bulk under a swim suit. Both disposable and cloth swim diapers can be worn alone, although many parents prefer a traditional swim suit over the top. With only 2 layers of fabric and no inner material, the cloth swim diaper does not create any bulk under your babies suit.
  3. Snap on for easy on/off action. We frequent the lake during the summer, and that means swimming morning, noon & night with naps and eating in between. Trying to pull an 'underwear' style diaper on and off a crawler is the worst! Cloth Swimmies closure is similar to regular diapers in snap or hook & loop style. This is especially important if you have ever tried to remove a soiled disposable swim diaper, even ripping the sides seems to make a huge mess! 
  4. Always at the ready. Just like disposable diapers, you will eventually find yourself running to the store last minute to get the disposable swim diaper. With a cloth, just toss in the wash with your other pool laundry & it will be ready when you are.
  5. Cute, Cute, Cute! I will let this picture speak for itself. This is an Apple Cheeks Swim Diaper.


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