Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Benefits of Babywearing

There are tons of studies on the benefits of wearing your baby - from the day of birth on! Soon after baby is born, many moms feel they do not get a single minute to "do" anything. Don't mind we are always doing something! Snuggle your baby in a Moby Wrap or Dolcino and be hands-free. When you feel like you need to get something done, do it together. Experts suggest another great reason to start carrying early is to help ease your muscles into the extra weight of a toddler.

Studies seem to focus on the benefits of carring a newborn. I am one of those mama's who can't resist a newborn snuggled up against my chest, so it has always seemed natrual to me. And, with so many health benefits (see below), I had the perfect excuse if I needed one. I LOVE to wear my boys. But, I am only 5'1" and my littlest is getting to long. No to heavy, with my Moby Wrap, the weight is distributed so well, I do not have any trouble carring his 27 pounds - even for several hours at the hilly zoo.

While at the zoo, we turned our stroller into a sit & stand, meaning the 2 older boys can get in and out of the stroller by themselves, which makes the little one think he can too. Besides running him down or belting him in, both of which caused a major meltdown, the only other solution was to wear him. He loved it! He could see everything the big boys could see & then some. My husband loved the lightened stroller load & I loved the bonding time! WIN, WIN, WIN. In this video, you will see another reason why worn babies get to learn more. They just experience more. If I didn't have him in the Moby, I would have left him belted in the stroller to stay with Dad. But, this way he went right up to the giraffe with us (check out the concentration on his face)!

A few reasons why it is so healthy:
  1. Babies cry about 50% less on average. This benefit alone is worth it to me!
  2. Babies spend more time in the quiet alert stage, ideal for learning.
  3. Babies feel secure and become independent at an earlier age.
  4. The upright position aids in babies digestion.
  5. The upright position helps baby adapt to life in the real world.
A few reasons why it is necessary:
  1. Mom actually has 2 hands to get things done.
  2. You choose who touches your baby when you are out & about.
  3. Helps curb post-partum depression by being close to baby but not having to interact
  4. Allows for discreet nursing.
  5. Created confidence as baby is calm and content

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