Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fuzzibunz vs. bumGenius

I think it is safe to say the 2 most popular brands of One Size Pocket Diapers are Fuzzibunz and bumGenius, but what causes moms to choose one over the other? Let's take a look at the differences and similarities of the Fuzzibunz One Size Pocket Diaper and the bumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper...

First of all, they look similar. Beyond the placement of the snaps which we will discuss later, they really look pretty much the same:
Fuzzibunz                                            bumGenius

But, don't be fooled by apperances, the only things these diapers share is being One Size, Pocket Diapers and having a Snap Closure! With a ton of small differences, you would think one would become more popular, but both diapers really are loved by all! Some moms prefer one over the other, and some moms have a nice stash of each! So, on to the differences:

Fuzzibunz is a snap only diaper, they do not come in a hook and look version. BumGenius, on the other hand, can be either a snap or hook and look closure. The hook and loop closure still has the snaps on the front for size adjustments, but closes at the waist with a hook and loop. The size adjustment is probably the biggest difference between the two. The Fuzzibunz uses the leg and back elastic to pull the diaper tighter for a little one. Then the lower "hip snap" can be snapped more or less tightly to allow for a snug fit at the thigh. All Fuzzibunz come with a replacement set of elastics which are easily changed out when the current set losses its stretch. The bumGenius use a 3x3 snap placement on the front of the diaper to fold down and snap for a smaller diaper. You can buy a refresh kit to replace both the elastic and hook and loop for $1.00, but as the elastic is not stretched like the Fuzzibunz, this is not a big deal.

Fuzzibunz                                                  bumGenius                   

The pocket opening on the Fuzzibunz is all the way at the top of the diaper, and there is no flap to fold over the pocket opening. The bumGenius starts about an inch into the diaper and has a flap to fold over the pocket opening. The Fuzzibunz diaper is about an inch thinner in between the legs, which makes for a trimmer fit, but also makes it a bit more difficult to stuff the inserts. It is not hard, just not as easy to stuff as the bumGenius.

With a polar-fleece inner, the Fuzzibunz is the softer of the two, but it is also thicker because of this inner. The fleece is also very stain resistant. The bumGenius is a microsuede which is a thinner material which is still very soft. The Fuzzibunz inner runs all the way from the front to back, while the bumGenius has a "waterproof insert stopper" at the front to help keep belly leaks at bay.

Both the Fuzzibunz and bumGenius One Size Pocket Diapers come in a variety of fun colors. At the present time (July 2011) Fuzzibunz has 14 colors. BumGenius has 12 colors and 5 fun prints.

Fuzzibunz                                                                 bumGenius    

All in all, there are quite a few subtle differences that make the Fuzzibunz One Size Pocket Diaper and the bumGenius 4.0 Pocket Diaper unique. Still, they run neck in neck for popularity, and many moms cannot pick one over the other. How do you decide? Put them both on that baby botton & see for yourself!

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