Thursday, February 10, 2011

A brand new adventure!

Well, we finally did it! Ben and I have been discussing a home based business since Braden (almost 4 already) was born. I have always been one of those people who wanted to stay home with my kids, and it seemed a great idea! Then he was born. Who in the world has time for a business with an infant in the house? Fast forward 19 months to baby #2, Ryder joined our family. Ben still thought a home business sounded good - me, not so much! Fast forward another 14 months - Surprise! Carson is here. Now, with 3 baby boys at home, I certainly can't manage a home based business. But...I guess the allure of being the one to raise my kids (along with my wonderful parents & in-laws) was to much. Ben talked me into it & now we have "3 Baby Boys & a Business". We purchased Nell's Natural Baby in October of 2010 & moved it home in December. We are really starting to make it our own! I will be blogging about our adventure (hopefully I can talk Ben into doing some of the blogs on a weekly 'Dad's Day!'). So, get ready to laugh, cry & buy with us!

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