Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Lunch Special!

I am a big fan of Valentine's Day. Yes, I know it is marked as the "Hallmark Holiday," and was created to make the retail industry more money (which is really not true if you read up on the origins of V-Day.) But, I don't care! Ben and I don't go spend tons of money or anything, but it makes me feel good that there is a day devoted to all things Love. Since Valentines Day falls on a Monday this year & I won't be home for lunch, I decided to make the Boys a special lunch today. And here it is....

Scrambled Eggs and Toast (& in case my mom is reading, I did add some fruit to the plate, but I thought the picture would be cuter without it ;-). I know it may seem a bit silly to us, but Braden decided it was 'Awesome' & Ryder thought it was 'Yummy'! So, that is a success in my book. Now, if I can figure out what to do for Ben????

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