Friday, February 11, 2011

Less than thrilled?

Over dinner last night I told Ben about 'our' new blogging adventure. Apparently he did not catch onto my excitement, because he seemed less than thrilled! When I questioned him on his reluctance, in true man fashion, he said "Because." When I finally dragged out the answer, it turned out he had 2 very valid reasons.

First of all, I probably complain between 1 & 100 times a day of how many things I have to do. So, here is just another item on the plate. I promised that it would only take about 10 minutes a day & I enjoy it!

Secondly & more concerning to him are those of you who have connections to Nellie & may go somewhere else to buy if you find out she is no longer running the business. PLEASE DON'T! I promise we are a wonderful family too! If you are wondering, I ask Nellie whenever I have questions or need help. She & her family started another venture, but she still has ties to her site & is helping me continue it's success.

So it took me more like 15 minutes, but in my defense, I had to...start Finding Nemo, wipe Carson's nose 4 times, filter questions from Braden about his birthday presents, etc, etc, etc. =)

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