Thursday, April 21, 2011

Backing the Change 3 Things Challenge!

I sell a LOT of bumGenius & Flips. The woman behind the company, Jennifer Labit, is a very interesting and inspiring woman. She is out to change diapering one baby at a time. She has set out a challenge to diapering parents: Change 3 Things: 3 cloth diapers. One planet. Big impact.

I have taken the challenge and as a disposable convert myself, I understand the pros & cons of both sides. My child (we are down to 1 in diapers!!!) is not cloth diapered exclusively. Sometimes the convenience of disposables wins. But then I re-read facts about the chemicals, the environment and the cost...& can't imagine going back to disposables full time!

She has been tracking diaper changes calculated as 3 diapers * the number of 'like' on the Change 3 things Facebook Page. So, go like the page & tell her Nell's Natural Baby sent you. From early March to today, more than 717,000 cloth diapers have been changed! That is the equivalent to the number of disposable diapers 400 babies would have contributed to a landfill in a year's time.

It's amazing what 3 diapers a day will do for the planet, for your wallet & for your child! You go Jennifer! I love how one persons vision can set the world on fire!

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