Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review - Potty Bootcamp by S. Riffel

Ryder is offically Potty Trained!
I told you all several weeks ago that Ryder was on the path to Potty Training. After some investigation & many recommendations (some from you guys) to try The Potty Bootcamp, I decided this was the way to go. I set off in search of the book and downloaded the ebook from http://www.thepottybootcamp.com/ for the low, low price of $5.95. It is a very quick read at only 41 pages.

I was completely game until I reached Chapter 4 "Prep Time - Enlistment" (page 12). I thought - Wait a minute, I am ready to start today and I don't have time to 'enlist' Ryder. I can't wait another week or 2 or however long it takes him to decide to 'enlist'. But, I kept reading...just in case. Although at this point I had already decided to go it on my own. Couldn't hurt to see what other techniques she recommends in case what I have in mind doesn't completely succeed. But, this 'enlistment time' just wasn't going to happen!

I have to say by the end of the book, I was back on board. Suzanne pointed out that 90% of the training is done in one day. After some thought, I decided a one day plan, even if it was days away, was better that the torture I was going to have to endure using the methods I had in mind.

This was a Wednesday 3 weeks ago. I started to formulate a plan. The boys stay with my mother-in-law on Thursdays, so I would give Ryder 1 week to 'enlist' and then keep him home the following Thursday while I sent the other two to Mimi's house. We stocked up on the rewards, the underwear and all other items the book recommended, making a big deal of this important day. I stocked up on my resolve, my patience and my prayers. It was only going to be 1 day, but it was going to be 1 LONG, HARD, FRUSTRATING Day! I printed out the flowchart the book provides to make sure I did all the right steps in the right order. I was only going to do this once, so I wanted to make sure I got it right. Quite honestly, the day came and went in a blur. I remember feeling frustrated, proud, even feeling sorry that I had to be "mean" so Ryder would get it. He was doing so well, I even chanced a run to McD (about a 10 minute trip) with only underwear and pants. I believe this is breaking the rules by the way. How disappointed I was when Ryder announced from the back seat "I no peeing" code words for "I wet my pants." But, when we got home, we rushed to the bathroom & he was still dry! At the end of day 1, the 90% day, I had no idea if any of it was working. The book indicated you will be in one of two categories at the end of day 1 - Your child self-initiated, or Your child did not self-initiate. I couldn't even decide which group we were in. Does "I no peeing" count as "I need to pee?" I was confused, but determined to see this through and I was not putting diapers on this child again! So... onward!

Day 2 was going to be harder, I had all 3 kids, and couldn't focus all of my time on Ryder. I went to bed feeling exhausted, confused, and worried, but also determined to see this through. Then it happened. About 10 minutes after we got up, Ryder stood at the end of the couch and proudly announced "I have to potty." WOOHOO!!!! We have had plenty of accidents since then, and really didn't leave the house for the next week & a half, but he is getting it. We have had several accident-free days!

I can't recommend The Potty Boot Camp book enough! We give it 5 stars!


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