Thursday, April 7, 2011

Potty Training - Here comes Ryder!

I am a cloth diaper retailer & I am loving my job...Selling Diapers. I am also a diapering mama & not loving that job so much...changing diapers. I love the cute, fluffy, healthy diapers stacked neatly in the cubbies of my storage room. I mean who wouldn't love this view...

But, when I see those same diapers in the baskets on my changing tables (even though they are clean, fluffy & super cute), I feel anything but happy.

Ryder is 2 1/2 & I am ready to have him OUT OF DIAPERS! He has such sensitive skin (thanks to his dad), that he has had a constant battle with diaper rash since he was born. These days, he is such an independent soul that sometimes I do not catch a BM until he comes running to me telling me "my butt hurts" and he is red as a beet! I know it is going to get worse this summer as we head outside for hours at a time & he will have no patience to stop for diaper changes. I hurt for him, so it is time for him to move into big boy pants!

To that end, I have been researching potty training all over again. I have found a wealth of information, and a wealth of conflicts! Train slowly, train quickly, do it in 1 day, it takes time, go naked, put on pants, let the child train themself, leave them on the potty until they go.... What am I supposed to do. This is a child who thinks that telling you up when he means down, & up when he means down is hilarious. I am not sure getting him to tell me he has to potty is going to be easy. Many have suggested "Potty Bootcamp" by Suzanne Riffel. I have ordered the e-book for this evening's reading pleasure. So, with my mind made up & Ben's support, we are going to get the job done one way or another! I hope! ;-)

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