Monday, September 29, 2014

Balloon Money Pinata Tutorial

An awesome way to gift money!
Balloon Money Pinata
We celebrated two birthdays this weekend. Both my niece and nephew grew another year older. As is the case when kids get older, they just wanted money. The headphones my nephew wanted were almost $100! He decided to pool his birthday money for this special purchase. But, I really hated to show up with only a card. So, I decided a birthday "balloon money" pinata would be fun! It was a super simple craft & it was fun watching him bust the balloons for his cash reward. My niece pulled her pinata down & let my little guys help her stomp on them.

Supplies needed: 12 Balloons, Money to fill the balloons, Needle, Yarn 

Step 1: Roll money tightly, stuff into balloon, blow & tie balloons

Step 2: Very carefully thread balloons onto yarn. Push needle through just above the ring & be very careful to keep the needle away from the balloons at all times! Keep a long tail to hang the balloon pinata.

Step 3 - When all balloons are threaded onto the yarn, push them close together. Use the rings near the yarn to scoot the balloons toward one another. 

Step 4: Leaving your tail long for hanging, tie a knot near the balloon rings to keep them together. Hang in the doorway!


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