Monday, September 15, 2014

Memorization with a Silly Cube!

How do you get your little ones to memorize their Bible verses? Repeat, repeat, repeat. But, unless you put a little fun into that repeating, you are going to get some cranky kids. I ran across a brilliant idea while I was teaching this month.

A Silly Cube!

4 and 5 year olds memorizing Bible Verses with the Silly Cube!

What is a silly cube you ask? It is a dice with silly motions on each side. This little idea took me about 5 minutes to create. I simply found a sturdy square box in my gift wrapping closet, some plain red wrapping paper and a permanent marker. My box was about 5"x5"x5" I wrapped the empty box. I used packing tape, so hopefully our cube will last for a couple of months. I teach 4 and 5 year olds, so I don't expect it to last a long time, but it will be fun to change up the silly motions in a couple months anyway. After it was wrapped, I just added the silly motions on each side. We used 1.Hands on head, 2.Jumping, 3.Whisper voice, 4.Touching toes, 5.Standing on one leg and 6.Standing still. It would be fun to have a little drawing so the kids knew what motion to do as soon as it landed, but I have a hard time drawing a stick figure, so I just had to read it for them.

As usual with little kids, don't over think it. They won't care, and you will only upset yourself. My cube was not completely square, and it wanted to land on one side a lot. Of course the side it liked was jumping, and the kids did not mind. We had 6 kids plus me, and we did 3 rounds before they got bored of the cube. So, all-in-all, we repeated our Bible Verse 21 times! You guessed it, all 6 had it memorized by the time we were done. We'll see if it sticks until next week.

What do you do to help your little ones memorize?

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