Sunday, September 21, 2014

September Easter Bunny

The date is September 21st. It is a Sunday, and all 4 of my boys are napping. I couldn't nap. Ben & I made a hard decision last night. I won't disclose what is is right now, but I will soon. It is the best decision for our family, it is the best decision for me & yet I am sad. So, what is a girl to do? I am drowning my sorrows with the one and only...CHOCOLATE!

Not just any chocolate, the final of my boys Easter Bunnies!

Yep, I'm that mom! The day after Easter they handed over their Easter Baskets. I left about 10 small chocolate eggs and a handful of jelly beans. The rest, we got rid of. It was a little tough, because I know our family loves my children and I know they are allowed a bit of chocolate here and there, but my kids and sugar create a wildness I don't know how to handle. So, I put away some chocolate eggs, some small bags of M&Ms and the three chocolate bunnies in my "secret stash."  My boys did not have a single bite, and they never once thought about them.

Today, the Easter Bunnies are gone. Just in time for the Halloween candy to fill the "secret stash" again!

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